Friday, June 29, 2012

Halloween 2011

What is greater than dressing up and getting copious amounts of candy?  For these kids, nothing!
The boys went back and forth for weeks trying to decide what they wanted to be for Halloween.  We looked in books and online and there was always something new that caught their eye.  Finally Alex decided he wanted to be Luigi.  We got his costume and he was so excited that it came with a hat and a mustache!
Austin wanted to be a ninja (surprise, surprise) but that still took a little more looking.  You would not believe how many different ninja outfit are out there.  I finally got him to pick one and we got that ordered as well.
Keira has really been into ladybug girl books and wanted to be ladybug girl.  My sister's little girl was a lady bug for Halloween one year and she let us borrow her costume.  Keira loved it.  We found her some little ladybug boots to finish off the look and the best part is they are rain boot so she can wear them in bad weather after Halloween too. 

The kids had a blast going trick or treating and seeing friends and cousins.  When they got home we tried to get a picture of all of them together but this was the best I could get.  Keira is a gangster, Austin always the ninja, and Alex the Lion is squinting. . .  oh well it makes me smile every time I look at it :).

CFR 2011 Edition

My grandparents and all our family on down were in charge of the Carpenter Family Reunion this year.  We got together a couple of times to decide on a theme and we finally convinced our parents to let us do a medieval theme.  My parents had sweatshirts and t-shirts made up with the Carpenter Coat of Arms and we planned a few games to go along with it.  Saturday morning was the 5k and half marathon with breakfast served at the finish line.  All of my cousins had been training for months and somehow convinced Travis to run with them.  He had not run more than two miles together before this but he finished and with a pretty good time.  I was going to run the half but I ran the 5k instead. 
We had a breakfast of pancakes, bacon, sausage, and orange juice at the finish line for anyone who wanted to eat after running and for the cheerleaders.
After the race we had a few games for the kids and had a large meal with everyone Saturday night.  Sunday we went to church and came home and had a few games.  Travis and I were the first ones to try out the balancing overgrown q-tip game.  The name escapes me right now but that's what the boys thought they were.  I don't think that anyone else had as much fun as we did going up against each other.  Sunday afternoon we had a potluck with everyone and then that night we had delicious scones.  Monday morning we woke up very early and drove to Lagoon to be with Trav's family at their annual Lagoon day.  We ran from ride to ride and had a picnic in the pavilions.  Travis made me get on WICKED because I am not a huge roller coaster fan.  I can handle a lot of them but when they spin or go upside down it takes me awhile to get on.  We also went on Wild Mouse  a few times, which is one of Travis' least favorite rides.  He thinks it's going to jerk him right over the side. . .
After a full day at the park from open to close we grabbed a bite to eat and headed for home. We put the kids straight to bed and unloaded as much as we could before we crashed ourselves. 

Labor Day weekend is always one of the busiest of the year for us, but getting to see all our family definitely makes it worth it. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Provo River Falls 2011

It seems like for the first time ever we weren't in a hurry to get to my family reunion.  We usually leave Friday night and are setting up camp at 10 or 11pm.  This year we both had Friday off and we just took our time, took some back roads, and really enjoyed the ride.  We decided to stretch our legs at the Provo River Falls and get some pictures of the kids.  The boys were happy to oblige, however the Bug had fallen asleep and it took her a little while to wake up. 

While the bug was waking up we let the boys run around for awhile and see the waterfall close up.  There weren't too many people there so they could do what they wanted.  We've been there a few times when the place is overrun by photographers, professional and amateur.

The first few pictures we took of the boys were pretty funny,  Austin loves to ham it up for the camera.  We have pictures of him hanging from trees jumping from the rocks and making silly faces.  Alex will do a goofy one and then get down to business. 
He is such a handsome little guy and his smile lights up his whole face!

When we can get a real smile out of Austin, I love it!  He's such a goof though, that those are few and far between.  I don't mind it too much because that is his personality and it comes out in the pictures.  Travis was trying to get him to lean against the tree and
 relax, a pretty hard task for someone always on the go.  We finally got a pretty good picture, and I am happy.

At this point Keira was still not ready for her pictures so we took a few of the boys together.  I love that my boys are friends.  They have their moments when one wants to kill the other but at the end of the day they have each others backs.

We finally got the bug to smile for the camera.  As you can see from her hair, she didn't want it messed with but I think the picture is still cute.  I can't believe how fast she is growing.  Every time I look at her I just think, where did my baby go? 

It took her awhile to want to play in the water but after I helped her get her toes wet she was out with her brothers in the shallow parts.  I am so glad we stopped for awhile.  It broke up our trip and we had fun getting pictures of our kids. 

For the first time ever, I believe, we used the timer setting on our camera.  We wanted to get a family shot and we were the only ones at the the falls at the time.  Travis set it up on a rock and ran over to us.  The first picture we were all looking in different directions and talking.  The second one looked pretty good.

We may have a new tradition in the making.  We go to my family reunion in Wyoming every year and if we have the time this isn't really out of the way at all.



Wednesday, May 9, 2012

To Kindergarten and Beyond!

Alex was so excited to start Kindergarten this year.  He had so much fun buying new school clothes and picking out a new backpack.
 Alex loves anything to do with Mario Brothers so he was really excited to find this backpack.  I told

 him he could actually color in the characters on the side and he looked at me like I was crazy.
Because of my work schedule I have Austin on A track and Alex on AM Kindergarten track.  That means I have to have one to school by 8:00 and the other by 9:15.  Then I get to pick up at 12:08 and 2:15.  Luckily when the weather is nice Austin will walk or ride his bike but I just can't let Alex go yet.  Plus they won't release the Kindergarten kids unless you are there.  Winter will be interesting but I can't wait for next year when they will both be on the same track. 
 We decided to walk on Alex's first day of school.  Well I pushed the Bug in the stroller and Alex rode his scooter.  He was such a good sport letting me take a ton of pictures. 

We had to take one by the school sign and Keria had to be with her big brother before he left for the day.
Keira didn't understand why Alex got to go play on the playground and then lined up and went inside with the other kids.  She was a little upset that her bother left her.  I did OK until she started crying and then I was a bit of a mess myself.

 We made it home and in no time at all we were headed back to the school to pick Alex up.  He survived!  He was so excited  to tell me all about his teacher and the things they did on the first day of school.  He even got a treat!

Back to School for Austin

Can't believe my little man started 3rd grade this year.  Where does the time go??? 
 The first day of school is always exciting and Austin was up before me and had his new school clothes on.  He was ready for some breakfast and then off to school.  We had to get a picture of the backpack he picked out before we left for school though. 
Austin informed me he was too big for me to follow him out to the playground or take pictures of him going into his classroom so I had to settle for the stairs and then let him go.  I guess he's gone through enough pictures through the last few years that I can live with just a couple this year.

Silver Lake Hike

We decided to go hiking and Travis really wanted to hike to Silver Lake up American Fork canyon.  He had been there before his mission and didn't think it was too hard of a hike.  So, we packed up the kids and made our way to the canyon.  We loaded up water and snacks, strapped on backpacks and headed up the trail. 
 Everyone was all smiles as we started up the mountain and we were having a great time.  The boys loved saying hi to people as we passed them and stopping for the occasional drink and snack. 
 The lake was a lot farther up the mountain than Travis remembered and I don't know that Travis took into account that hiking with a 2 year old would slow us down a little.  We were getting grumpy and talked about turning around and going back.  I figured we had made it that far it would be pointless to turn around and go back without seeing the lake.
We had to hike through snow that had not melted yet and  the boys really enjoyed kicking it around.  It felt good to walk through when it was so warm outside.  We had to help the kids up the steep part at the very end but we finally made it.  The views from 
the top were amazing.  There were only a few people up there and we enjoyed hanging around the lake for awhile.

  The lake was freezing so we didn't get in the water but the boys loved climbing on the rocks and around the trees.  Keira pretty much stayed with me and didn't venture out much.  I didn't mind having a snuggle buddy, though.  After another snack break we started to head back down the mountain.

I couldn't resist taking a couple more shots on the way down.

  Alex was definitely the trooper of the day.  He never complained while hiking up the mountain and he never stopped on the way down.  Even when it started to rain about half way down he was still in good spirits. Travis took Keira and Alex down pretty quickly once it started to rain but Austin was dragging his feet a little.  I stayed back with him and we didn't mind getting a little wet.  We realized we couldn't hear Travis and the other kids anymore so we decided to try and take a shortcut down the side of the mountain.  We finally caught up to Travis but I don't know if it was the smartest decision we could have made.  We spent most of the time sliding down on our feet, with our rear ends inches from the ground, grabbing whatever we could to slow us down.  Austin seemed to enjoy it, and I guess that's what matters. 
When we got down to the truck we were greeted with a double rainbow.  I  took it as a good omen and Travis got a ton of pictures of it.  The boys just wanted to follow it so  they could find the pot of gold.  Keira didn't see any of it as she promptly crashed as soon as she got in the car.
When we were at Silver Lake someone told us about another lake farther up the mountain.  Maybe next year we will make it to that one.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A little 4th of July Camping

This year we went camping in West Canyon with some of Travis' family over the 4th.  The kids love going out there!  They go hiking, roast marshmallows, build forts, and get to play with their cousins. 
We always have lots of bikes, scooters, and sand toys for the kids to play with while they wait for their turn on the 4 wheelers.
And when we say that's the last ride of the day the hiking begins.  When they make their way back they usually find a great place to build a fort and it keeps them busy the rest of the time.  I love watching my kids play and use their imaginations.  

 Do you know what you get when you mix 2 year olds with dirt, Capri Suns, and mashmallows?  A big mess!!  It's a good thing we love these little girls because I don't think you could tell they were girls when we got home.